2nd Cycle Finished

Today saw the end of our second cycle of structured modules with attendees completing Scratch 1 and Hardware 1 as well as Freeplay. Over the past 4 weeks, our scratchers have worked their way through lots of lessons, learning scratch basics and starting to work on their own ideas for projects and games. Those in the hardware stream have disassembled computers and worked with Raspberry Pis and electronics.

Tickets will be available for the next round of modules this coming monday. Options include HTML1, MEDIA1 and FREEPLAY. Those who have previously completed media should now do html and vice versa. However, we're asking for over 11s in HTML as the content is tricky for those younger unless they have some experience already.

We have a great bunch of attendees who come back week after week and are learning a huge amount about technology and programming.

As always, we're on the lookout for mentors and anyone who'd like to help out on Saturdays would be very much welcomed. You don't even need to be computer literate - we'll always find something for you to do!