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    CoderDojo Carrickmacross is a volunteer-run programme teaching computer coding skills to children aged 7-17.

    Come to learn or teach code, make games, apps, websites and more.

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    HUGE thanks to O'Gormans SuperValu, Market Square Centre, eircom, AIB and Carrickmacross Credit Union for the great support and help they give to their locol CoderDojo helping us keep the doors open every Saturday.

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    At CoderDojo we use a range of tools to help children learn the core principles of programming.

    Participants are exposed to a range of languages and technologies in a self-paced, guided and supportive environment.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Get tickets for the next session

Tickets are always published here on our Eventbrite page.

Tickets are mandatory as we are in a public space. If you are under 13 - YOU NEED A PARENT TO STAY

We want your suggestions

What would you like to learn this year? Do you have any suggestions  to make CoderDojoCMX even better? Send us a quick message with your ideas by completing this form and we'll take it on board.

Programming Ahoy!

We're kicking off after Easter with real programming modules in Java and Javascript. Tickets will be available on Monday 5th May for sessions starting Saturday May 10th at 10.30. Our schedule page has details of upcoming courses. 

To date, we've worked in Scratch and have had some HTML and Javascript content covered. Now, however, we're starting to look seriously at two major programming languages used in the commercial and professional worlds. 

Despite the common coffee reference, these two languages are quite different and have very different uses...


JavaScript is an scripting language that is executed (interpreted) by your web browser. It is used to manipulate your website (HTML) structure, it uses human action (hooks) to initiate code (i.e. mouse movement, click, key press or page load). Code can build / change html as well as transform and live manipulate it for dynamic web experience. It is easy to learn but very powerful language. JavaScript is not programming language, therefore operates within very strict environment (web browser) and it is limited to; acting on input and producing output (i.e. show something, when button is pressed). It does not have access to your computer resources as files or hardware. JavaScript can be both extremely fast as operation it performs are simple text manipulation that then, triggers web browser to re-render (parse) the result. Some operations far exceed equivalent in compiled language. However bad use (loops, large data copying, hook listeners) can cause page to be very unresponsive with very little usefulness.  

Java is a fully featured programming language, it’s code is transformed (compiled) into code that is easier to understand by your computer (byte code). Java does not operate within any limitation and can be extended using external libraries. Compiled Java programs have full access to your computer and misuse in some cases might lead to software and even hardware damage. Java unlike any other compiled programming languages transform (compile) its code to platform (type of computer or mobile device) in depended code and uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to translate byte code into binary code (understood by individual machine). This makes Java to run same program on any machine (impossible with any other language). Java have started to loose it traction when high performance computing and games were the main motor for young people willing to learn programming languages, as Java because it’s interim compilation and translation was very poor on performance. It gain interest when adopted by google to it’s flagship mobile operating system Android, which is not only written in Java but uses it to write application and games for mobile devices.

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we're all VOLUNTEERS

Mentors give their time freely to help build coding skills in the community.
If you'd like to help out, regardless of your skill set, send us your details.

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About Us

Come to learn or teach code; make games, apps, websites and more

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