Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Media 1

Media 1 is a topic that runs as part of the basic knowledge level (white) in our content structure. It deals with an introduction to images and sounds and the tools used to manipulate these media assets.

Week 1 deals with images and introduces the GIMP editing tool. Participants learn how to open, resize and edit image files and are introduced to image file formats and concepts such as compression.

Week 2 focuses on sounds and introduces the sound editing program Audacity. Participants learn to open and save sound files and also record audio. Techniques for audio mixing, effects and cleanup are covered.

Week 3 draws together learnings from week 1 and 2 where students work through a project to combine original assets in a Scratch project.

At the end of the topic, participants should have an appreciation of how media assets may be prepared or manipulated in external programs. They will also have good exposure to file management in a variety of applications.

Resources for Media 1 are available as follows;