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    CoderDojo Carrickmacross is a volunteer-run programme teaching computer coding skills to children aged 7-17.

    Come to learn or teach code, make games, apps, websites and more.

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    HUGE thanks to O'Gormans SuperValu, Market Square Centre, eircom, AIB and Carrickmacross Credit Union for the great support and help they give to their locol CoderDojo helping us keep the doors open every Saturday.

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    Dojos take place every Saturday for 3 hours. Attendance is FREE but everyone needs to pre-book as places are limited. Read More
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    At CoderDojo we use a range of tools to help children learn the core principles of programming.

    Participants are exposed to a range of languages and technologies in a self-paced, guided and supportive environment.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Get tickets for the next session

Tickets are always published here on our Eventbrite page.

Tickets are mandatory as we are in a public space. If you are under 13 - YOU NEED A PARENT TO STAY

We want your suggestions

What would you like to learn this year? Do you have any suggestions  to make CoderDojoCMX even better? Send us a quick message with your ideas by completing this form and we'll take it on board.

Life's Like This

RTÉ and Macalla are looking for teenagers aged between 13 and 19 to take part in a new nationwide project: Life's Like This. Here's the information they asked us to circulate;

On Friday 20th September we want you to film your life and tell the world what you’re doing, feeling or seeing on this particular day. The footage submitted will be compiled into a unique documentary that will be broadcast later this year on RTÉ. Audiences will learn what it’s like to be growing up in Ireland today.


To give you an idea of what we are looking for, here is a link to last years Life’s Like This 

Life’s Like This is your documentary. It is about you. It’s about your day. It’s about things that are important to YOU. It’s open to everyone between the ages of 13 and 19. Further details on Life’s Like This will be available from September on www.rte.ie/trte/lifeslikethis. Your films can be uploaded through www.rte.ie/trte/lifeslikethis from Friday, September 20th, to midnight on Monday, September 23rd. Items sent by post need to arrive by close of business on Tuesday, September 24th.



  • You can film using your phone, camera, a webcam, iPad! you name it. If

    it records you can use it. Just try for the highest quality possible please!

  • Sound and focus is important. We need to be able to hear and see clearly

    what’s happening.

  • You can speak in any language at all - English, Irish, Polish, French..etc

  • Your film should be a maximum 2 minutes long.

  • At the start of your film tell us your name and what time it is when you’re


  • You can film anytime of the day and/or many different times of the day

    once it’s on Friday 20th September.



    Submission deadline for uploading online is midnight on Monday, 23rd September, and close of business on Tuesday, 24th September, if by post.

  • Remember to get permission before you film. Only films which are accompanied by a permission form signed by both parents can be used. Every person who appears in your film needs to have a permission form signed by their parents or themselves if they are 18 or over. You can upload, post or email them all together.

  • Remember you must ask people’s permission to film them.

  • If you have a scanner, scan the signed permission form and upload it

    together with your film on the tool on the right hand side.

  • Include your parent’s mobile / contact phone number AND the names of the people featured in your film in the MESSAGE section when uploading

    (very important!)

  • If you don’t have access to a scanner you can post a hard copy of the

    permission form/s to Life’s Like This, Macalla Teoranta, 7 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2 but ensure to include the full name of your film clip on this form.

  • When saving your film on computer CALL the clip by YOUR full name (first name and surname).

  • If you cannot upload your film then send it, along with your permission form by post to: Life’s Like This, Macalla Teoranta, 7 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2. It will not be possible to return films sent by post.

  • A wide range of clips will be included in the documentary, unfortunately however it will not be possible to use every clip.

  • Enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 01 670 4012 or 01 670 4895



    DOWNLOAD THE PERMISSION FORM FROM www.rte.ie/trte/lifeslikethis AND POST TO US AT: Life’s Like This, Macalla Teo, 7 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2.

    On Friday 20th September you are a filmmaker. You are part of history.

    Do something real and make people think. It’s over to you.



On Friday September 20th we want you to film a maximum 2 minutes of your day. Anything goes:

  • An appointment with the dentist

  • Homework completed on the bus

  • A haircut

  • Asong

  • A cow milked at dawn

  • A night out with friends

  • A family get-together

  • A sporting event

  • A viral video or Facebook session. 



we're all VOLUNTEERS

Mentors give their time freely to help build coding skills in the community.
If you'd like to help out, regardless of your skill set, send us your details.

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About Us

Come to learn or teach code; make games, apps, websites and more

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