Wednesday, January 23, 2019

About Us

CoderDojo Carrickmacross is just one of many dojos springing up in communities, not just in Ireland but all around the world.

Students typically aged 7-17, work with each other and technical mentors to learn more about computer constructs, e.g building websites, developing computer games and writing program code.

For 2013/14, we're introducing a structured programme that runs in 4 week blocks alongside a freeplay stream. Participants work on media, hardware, web and coding projects at knowledge levels to obtain coloured wrist bands. Full details here.

Children are encouraged to build on their knowledge and experiment at home between sessions. The number of children that will be able to work on hardware/software projects depends on the availability of mentors and the cost of supplying the hardware. We therefore cannot guarantee that your child will get to work in their preferred strand.

We meet every Saturday above SuperValu in Carrickmacross from 10.30 AM until 1 PM.  All students must register in advance for 4 week blocks on eventbrite.

1. Each student must bring along a laptop that is wifi enabled. You must have the necessary rights to that laptop to allow software to be installed and network access to be configured.

2. For students under 13, an accompanying parent must stay for the duration of the dojo session. Under the terms of our insurance only students participating in the dojo are covered so we cannot accept younger children accompanying parents during the session.

3. Bring a snack and drink along as we will have a short break in the middle of the session.

4. Bring headphones - it can get noisy!

5. Please download and install this software on the laptop before attending your first/next session:

Google Chrome (
Komodo (
Scratch (

Further details of additional required software can be found on the Tools we Use page.

6. And finally, create a folder on your desktop called CoderDojo, where you can save all of your work or bring a USB key for this purpose.

CoderDojo Carrickmacross is free of charge because it is volunteers effort's, volunteer mentors, sponsorship and provision of a venue by SuperValu Carrickmacross at the Market Square Centre that make it happen so to all a big thanks, on an ongoing basis!

We do not actively fundraise, however if you would like to make a donation, provide equipment, or help out, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any funds or equipment donated will be used solely to support the running of the dojo - without exception.