Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sign Up Process

Member Accounts


A member account on allows registered users access private areas of the site including;


-Member specific content

-The CoderDojoCMX discussion board


Membership is open to;


-children who have registered and attended at least one coder dojo session in the current academic year

-parents/guardians of those children

-active mentors in the dojo


Members are registered as either participants, parents or mentors and may have differing access levels based on their status.




Member Account Sign Up Process


Users can sign up for an account via the website but accounts can only be activated in person at a Dojo session. This is to ensure that membership is restricted only to validated participants and their parents.




STEP 1: Parents should sign up for an account by following the sign up / register links on and entering their email address, preferred user name, password etc.


STEP 2: The system will send an activation email to the entered email address. This contains a link that must be clicked on to verify account ownership.


STEP 3: At the next CoderDojo session, request account activation from a mentor to enable full site access.





Children who have their own email address should follow the same process as parents. Children under 13 years will be asked for parental permission to at the account authorisation stage (step 3, above)


Children without their own email address  will have accounts set up for them and be given usernames and passwords on request at CoderDojo sessions. (under 13s will require parental permission).



NB: parents and children should not use the same account for access. Parents accounts have privileges to access parents-only sections of the discussion board which may contain discussions that would be inappropriate for younger participants.